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bethPennsylvania native Beth Ostrosky was born in July 1972. Her mother was a relatively accomplished model and ushered Beth Ostrosky into fashion shows when she was only 9 years old. From catwalk work during her years at Fox Chapel High School, Beth Ostrosky was offered several television commercial auditions and this spurned her interest. Having been slowly exposed to the modeling industry, Ostrosky felt it was natural for her to try her hand at a career in it, just like her mother. In order to get the best opportunity in modeling possible, Beth Ostrosky moved to New York City. There, agents and scouts took notice of this tall blonde bombshell and Ostrosky had no shortage of offers. However, after a few low-key campaigns and shows, acting soon seemed more promising than modeling. Ostrosky took the change in stride and appeared as Ben Stiller's love interest in 1996's Flirting with Disaster.

In between this performance and a more prominent role opposite Amanda Peet in Whipped four years later, Beth Ostrosky was known as a versatile model specializing in swimsuit spreads. Her simple, successful life and career would be turned upside down, though, after one very special dinner party. Though neither was supposed to attend, Beth Ostrosky and Howard Stern hit it off at a formal function in 2000.bio02 The King of Media was wooed by Beth Ostrosky and soon, they were a serious item. Nine months later, Stern announced to all his listeners that he was dating Ostrosky and ever since, has been proclaiming his love for her on a daily basis. While her boyfriend was used to all the media hype, Beth Ostrosky was quite unprepared for the attention she received. She remained in the background for some time, deflecting questions to her boyfriend or avoiding the paparazzi altogether. Finally, after FHM readers ranked her among the Top 100 Sexiest Women of the Year, Ostrosky decided to emerge from her shell and did a cover shoot for the magazine.

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